September 18, 2007


Our little Bauer is our pride and joy. He has been such a wonderful boy and we have absolutely loved every minute we have spent with him. He is starting to talk a lot now. Most of it is jibberish but he is starting to say a lot of real words too. He says "please," "thank you," "get down," "football," "hi," "cookie," "shoes," "ball," and occasionally some names. "Mom" and "Dad" were the first of course and then came "Grandpa." He has also said "Paislee," "Tia," "Suzzi," "Collin," "Rae-Rae," and "Ki" Grandma Williams keeps trying to teach him "Grandma" but he's just not giving in.

Bauer is also very active. He is constantly going - getting into thing and exploring. I'm sure that's why even though he eats like an adult, he is still in the lower 5th percentile for weight. He finally made it to the 50th percentile for height though. Brian was pretty excited.

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