June 24, 2008


Little kids are funny and Bauer is no exception. Here are a couple of the funny things he said/did in Costa Rica. I will start with the not as funny first.
1. We were in a store doing some souvenir shopping and Bauer found some maracas. He took them to Suzzi (who had already bought him numerous toys at other stores) and said "I wanna buy these."
2. Sitting at dinner one night Bauer grabbed my face and said "Look Mommy. I seed a giraffe" and pointed behind me. I turned around to see a lady in a leopard print shirt sitting on the table behind us.
3. At the same dinner as the giraffe story, Bauer was sitting with me and scratching at the moles on my neck. I pushed his hand away and he started rubbing them instead. Then he started licking me. I said "Bauer, don't lick me!" He said "I'm cleaning them off."
Since we got home, he has been really funny telling about the trip too. When everyone but us went on the river raft, they told us a story about their guide Ricky catching a small fish, putting it in his mouth, and teasing a girl by saying "Kiss me baby." Well, every day of the trip (and any time you ask him about Ricky since the trip) he would say "Ricky put the fishy in his mouth." He also likes to tell about how the "racoon got Grandma's BUTT." Sitting at dinner one night, a racoon came up and touched Lorna's butt. Bauer thought it was so funny.

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