June 26, 2008


So I have finally discovered the secret to taking Bauer's picture - give him a golf club. We went today to take his 2-year-old pictures with his golf clubs. He was so good! He usually runs from the camera and complains that he doesn't want his picture taken but today he grabbed his clubs, sat where I told him, and said "cheese Mommy." We took these at the Peace Gardens but we were limited on the places we could go because they were filming High School Musical 3 there. It was pretty cool to see.


Momberger said...

He is such a handsome lil stink!!! I sure do love that lil guy!

Stefanie said...

Are you serious??? He already has a killer swing and at 2?! I am so impressed. He is adorable and your pictures are fabulous!

WE ARE THE BAWDENS . . . said...

OH MY HECK, thoses pictures turned out so dang cute! I love the one next to the arch wall that is a close up. He looks to old, I can't believe how fast he is growing up. I love that little stinker!