July 9, 2008


We had another fun day yesterday. Bauer and I got up early and went to the Zoo with Kai, Tessa, Rae, Collin, Simon, Nolan, and Bella. We got there just after it opened so we would be there when it was cooler and wouldn't have to rush for Rae to get home in time for work. We took our time walking around and actually spent about 4 hours there. That's the longest any of us has stayed at the zoo but it was perfect because we weren't rushed at all. We saw everything we wanted and we stopped to take snack breaks and just enjoyed ourselves. The kids were all really good too which is quite impressive when you have 5 kids that are 5 and younger.
While we were at the Zoo Amanda called and invited us to go boating. So after we got home from the Zoo, Brian, me, Bauer, Chad, Amanda, Paislee, Will, and Jennica went boating at Utah lake. The lake was really rough so we didn't all wakeboard but Bauer and Paislee rode on Paislee's jeep together. They were so cute. They were loving it. The sad part though is that Paislee was in the jeep alone and somehow the rope wasn't tied to the boat so when we started going, she disconnected from us. Brian jumped in to grab the rope and make sure she didn't get away in the rough water. He tried to throw his hat and sunglasses into the boat as he jumped in but the wind caught them and they fell in the water. I jumped in after them but I wasn't fast enough to save the sunglasses. Dang! So we lost Brian's brand new sunglasses that he had only had for about a month. The whole episode was quite the eye-opener to me too. I always wondered how someone could drown when they were so close to a boat but now I understand. I was only in the water without a life jacket for a minute or two and I didn't even realize that I was tired but luckily Brian was in the water too and asked them to throw us a life jacket while they went to save Paislee. I got to the life jacket feeling like I was going to collapse. My legs were tired and hurting from trying to keep myself up in the water and I couldn't catch my breath. I am not sure if that was from the cold water or the adrenaline or if I was just panicking or what but I couldn't breathe. Honestly, if Brian hadn't been out there with me and if we hadn't gotten life jackets, I would have drowned while they were picking up Paislee. I am so glad Brian had the presence of mind to ask for that life jacket.

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