August 7, 2008


Gayle and Lorna have a timeshare up in Bear Lake that we go to every year. They invite the extended family and everyone goes up to play for the week (or however long they can stay). Brian has sales training every year at the same time so he doesn't get to stay very long. We went up Friday after work and Brian came back late Saturday night and Bauer and I stayed until Sunday night. We got to do lots of fun stuff up there. We went golfing, miniature golfing (about which Bauer said "this is hard golfing"), swimming, played at the beach , drove around on Suzzi's go-carts, and played games. Suzzi and Heidi also made a couple of piƱatas for the kids to break open. Bauer got lots of fun toys. His favorites are the frogs. I'm not sure why he loves them so much but he wanted anything that was a frog and has carried them all around with him ever since. I thought Bauer would have a hard time with the potty training but he did really well with it up there. I am pretty sure everyone else hated it though when the potty watch went off every half hour. Sorry everyone! We had lots of fun though and look forward to going again next year.


Talbot Family said...

I love bear lake. It seems like we always get super sunburned up there. Love the picture, the colors are great. Glad you had a fun time.

Travis & Kira Evans said...

This is Kira Evans used to be Kira Hendrickson! I grew up in Brian's parents old ward and went on a lot of vacations with them. I remember going to bear lake with them it is so fun! You guys have such a cute little guy!