August 13, 2008


So I know you have all been DYING to hear the latest on Bauer's Potty Saga so I thought I would write. Okay, so I know that really nobody other than me gets excited over (or even cares about) every bowel movement my child has but for those of you who have gone/are going through potty training, you can appreciate the excitement. Anyways, for a couple of days now I have been getting excited to make the post that Bauer has had his first full day without an accident. Saturday he made it all day but then late at night he had a half-in-the-underwear-half-in-the-toilet poop (I know…gross). Not sure how it really went because I wasn't there. So then the next day (Sunday) he went all day without an accident. Then at about 11:00 at night (yeah, our fault for having him up that late but we didn't want to miss any of the Olympics because Phelps was swimming) he told us "I need to go potty" but by the time we got into the bathroom he had already gone. Then there was Monday. Oh my! In the morning he had an accident. I let him sit in his wet underwear for a minute to feel how gross it was. He was really upset. So I let him put some new underwear on and was sure that he wouldn't do it again because he really felt bad. Sure enough, about an hour and a half later he did it again. I said "Fine. You are going to wear your baby diapers then since you are acting like a baby." So I put a regular diaper on him. He hated it. I was glad. About an hour later he went down for his nap. When I went in to get him out about 3 hours later, he was standing in his bed with his diaper in his hands. I laughed at him, got him out, and put him on the toilet. As he was sitting on the toilet I noticed that his shirt was wet. I smelled it (if you are a parent you understand). Sure enough - PEE! So I go back into his bedroom and find the bed, his blankets, the floor, the dust ruffle, and his stuffed animal SOAKED. He knew that he needed to go so he took his diaper off so he wouldn't have to feel gross and then just peed all over everything. I was LIVID! It was frustrating enough that I had to clean everything up but the fact that he knew he needed to go and instead of telling us, he just took his diaper off and went, put me over the edge. So anyways, he went back to the "baby diapers" and the potty watch. For the rest of the night, we went to the bathroom every half hour when the watch went off. He was actually really good after that. The only accident we have had since was Tuesday at Playgroup and he was there for an hour and a half so I can't really blame him because I wasn't around to take him to the bathroom. So anyways, wish us luck. Maybe today will be the day.

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Emily said...

Can I just say that I totally know what you are going through! We are potty training Devin right now too and it can be so frustrating at times!! I just can't wait for him to be totally done with this and know that I don't have to change diapers anymore! :)