September 2, 2008


Today's playgroup was picture day at my house. Amanda and I thought it would be fun to do a school picture kind of thing so we took a group picture and then an individual of each of the kids. It was pretty hard work but the kids were cute so we got some cute pictures. Bauer is horrible about having his picture taken. As soon as I try to take it, he will run to me and try to hug me so he doesn't have to take it. You would think he would get it by now that if he would just sit still and smile for a couple of seconds, he could be done. So needless to say, I didn't get as many cute pictures as I wanted of him. Here is the one that was probably the best:After all of the kids left, we took Bauer and Paislee back downstairs for round 2. We figured that since we had them all dressed up already and they were even matching, we might as well get as many pictures as we could. Neither of them wanted to have their picture taken anymore so we didn't really get a whole lot but we did get a couple of cute ones. For these pictures, we gave Bauer a flower and told him to give it to Paislee. We were laughing so hard because of their faces. You can see that Bauer is so excited to give it to her and then in the last picture, when Paislee finally has the flower, she is ecstatic. Here are a couple of the other cute ones we got of them.


Emily Ortiz said...

Katie all these pictures are really cute! What cute kids!

Momberger said...

Holy Hanna these are adorable sister! You are so dang good! I love that Sepia picture!

Amy said...

I can't believe Parker was such a stinker for you! That group picture is sooo cute, than you have a frowny Parker! I'm so sorry!