December 22, 2008


We bought Bauer his own nativity set this year. He calls it his 'tivity and he absolutely loves it! He plays with it daily. When we bought it, our plan was to put it in his room to display so we could teach him about Jesus. He was so excited when we gave it to him that we let him play with it all day. He hauled it around everywhere he went and learned all the names. When we put out our decorations, we set up his nativity on the dresser in his room and told him that it needed to stay there now. He couldn't haul it around the house anymore. Every time I would go into his room, I would see him playing with it. My first reaction was to be frustrated and put it up higher where he couldn't reach it but as I have watched, I have decided that it is a wonderful learning opportunity. He loves to tell me about baby Jesus in his manger and about the three wisemen. He tells me how Marry rode on the donkey and how the shepherd brought his sheep. It is so sweet to see the love he has for the Christmas story. So as I walk in and see him lining up the peices, I smile

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