December 10, 2008


We just got back from our biennial trip to Disneyland with my family. Every-other year my parents take the whole family to Disneyland over Thanksgiving. We had such a blast but it went by too dang fast. We went to Disneyland, Universal Studios, shopping, and to the beach.

Disneyland is beautiful during Chirstmas time! Everything is decorated and festive. They have Chirstmas trees and holiday decorations everywhere and they transform Small World and the Haunted Mansion completely. Bauer especially loved the Haunted Mansion because they decorate it like The Nightmare Before Christmas (which became his favorite movie over Halloween). They also change the parade and fireworks show for Christmas and then after the fireworks it snows on Main Street and by Small World. They have snow machines attached to lights and it throws out some kind of bubble mixture that looks like snow. It is so cool. If you haven't been to Disneyland during Christmas time, you should because it really is neat.

It was fun to see Bauer with the Characters this time. He was so funny about it. He was random about when he wanted to see them and when he didn't. Sometimes he would refuse to go up to them (like with Aurora and Prince Phillip) and then other times he would beg us to take him to see them (like Handy Manney). Sometimes he would say "Mom I want to have my picture taken with..." He was also obsessed with giving the characters a high-five. It was so cute. And the characters were all really cute with him.

Bauer was actually able to go on a couple of big rides this time. One of them was the rollercoaster in Toontown. I went on it with him and when we got off he said "that's scary for me." I felt so bad. He got to go on the Matterhorn too. The first time he went he wasn't very pumped about it. I think it really scared him. We went back and he really didn't want to go again but Brian told him that he would hold on tight to him and it would be fun. You should have seen the Vulcan Death Grip he had on Bauer. It was cracking me up. But Bauer did much better on the ride and when he got off he wasn't scared but wasn't too sure it was fun either. We went again and then by the end of the trip he was asking to ride the Matterhorn because he knew he was a big boy for going on it. It was hard this year to go on rides without Bauer. In the past he hasn't really known what was going on and hasn't cared whether he went or not but this time he would be sad if he didn't get to go with everyone else.

Last trip our favorite thing was the parade because that is where Bauer was the cutest. This trip, our favorite was Playhouse Disney. They do a little show from Playhouse Disney cartoons using puppets. Bauer absolutely loved it. He was so stinkin' cute. He would stand up and dance, sing, and clap with the characters. I love to see that little stinker smile like that.
Overall, we had an awesome trip. Thanks Mom & Dad for taking us. It was awesome!

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Booth and Tiffany Jenson said...

looks like tons of fun. your family is so dang cute! i just imagine you there at least a few times a year??? i dont know, just somethin about ya?