February 17, 2009


I love my work arrangement! I work Wednesday - Friday so I get to have Monday and Tuesday off to be a mom and get things done. It is especially nice to have these days off when Brian goes to Cedar City to work. Southern Utah University is one of the schools that he covers so he occasionally has to go to Cedar City to meet with professors. Well, since I don't work Monday & Tuesday, Bauer and I can go down with him while he works. We just got back from there and we had so much fun. You know, I love spending time with all of our family and friends but sometimes it is nice to spend time with just the three of us and we got to do lots of fun stuff. We went swimming, went out to eat, did some shopping, watched movies, and went golfing. We were really surprised at how well Bauer did golfing. We were sure that Bauer and I would be walking back to the car and leaving but he was good the whole time. He stayed in the cart and didn't complain even once about not being able to get out. Brian was matched up with 3 other guys so we had to be especially careful not to make noise and disturb their game. Bauer whispered the whole time. The only time he didn't was one time when Brian was about to hit the ball and Bauer yelled "Go Daddy!" We still can't believe how well he did but we are really excited about it because that means that he is old enough to go golfing with Brian this year and he can start learning how to golf on his own.

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