April 11, 2009


For Easter this year we started our festivities on Friday night with our best friends - the Bawdens. First we did an Easter egg hunt for the kids. They were so cute. Paislee was really good at finding the eggs and ran around grabbing as many as she could find as fast as she could - just like you are supposed to do with an egg hunt. Bauer on the other hand, found an egg and then wanted to sit down, open it up, and eat what was inside. He didn't want to be rushed. It was so funny to see the contrast. But they were both really sweet with each other. Bauer found a blue egg. Anyone who knows Paislee knows that she is OBSESSED with blue. So as soon as he found it, Bauer went right over and handed it to her. Then when they were done gathering their treats, Paislee would open her eggs and run over to see if Bauer wanted some of what was inside before she would eat it. Next we had a yummy dinner and then the kids exchanged Easter baskets. As always, both of them were completely spoiled.

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