April 13, 2009


When the Easter Bunny comes to our house, he hides our baskets and this year Bauer found his all by himself. He found mine and Brian's too. It was really cute to see how excited he was when he found them. He opened a couple of eggs and played with them and then he saw Brian taking things out of his own basket. Bauer noticed a Capri Sun in Brian's basket and said "hey, that's for me. That's a kids drink. The Easter Bunny left that for me." He said the same thing about the one in my basket too. Silly boy. Then he proceeded to open more of his eggs. One of them was filled with pastel M&Ms. He picked out all of the pinks and purples, leaving blues, greens, and yellows, and said "here Mama. These are for you. These are the girl ones."

Before church, Gayle, Lorna, and Suzzi brought some treats and toys and Bauer had his own personal egg hunt in our front yard.
After Church we went to my parents' house for the Bliss family Easter party. We had dinner and then did a hunt for the kids. Each kid was assigned a color of eggs to search for. Then there were toys and treats for each kid and then more eggs that could be picked up by anyone.
They all got tons of stuff and ended up with $14 each. Spoiled! We spent the rest of the night playing games and getting our hair cut by Rae. Thanks Rae! The kids were so funny about haircuts. Collin was first. He had been begging for a Mohawk for quite a while now so Rae finally gave in and cut one. He was pretty excited about it. Next was Simon. He didn't want his hair cut like Collin's so he got his buzzed. Then there was Nolan. Nolan absolutely HATES getting his hair cut. He kicked and screamed and fought it. When he finally gave in and let Rae cut his hair, she had to do it with his back to the mirror because he didn't want his cut like Collin's OR Simon's. His parents, however, wanted his hair buzzed for summer too. While Nolan was begging and pleading to NOT have a haircut, Bauer was begging TO have his cut. Isn't it funny how different kid are. Needless to say, our Easter was AWESOME and we got WAY too many treats!

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Momberger said...

We had so much fun didn't we?! I just love to watch those lil ones run around looking for their eggs.