December 20, 2009


The "kids party" is a fun tradition in Brian's family. Each year the extended family gets together for dinner but it's not a normal dinner. You see, it's called the kids party because the kids are in charge of the meal. Each kid brings their favorite food to share. It's funny to see how different the meals are each year. This year it was mostly pasta but the food gets better and better as the kids get older. It has gone from chicken nuggets and mac & cheese to fondu and Olive Garden. Each year the family also does some sort of a service or charity project to go along with it. This year we did 'The Christmas Jar'. Each family had a jar that they filled with spare change and were told to give to someone in need. It was such a great experience to both realize how lucky we are, and to help a family in need. Bauer was really good about helping gather money. He gets paid each week to help his dad with taking out the garbage and each time he got money we asked him if he would like to put it in his piggy bank or in the jar to give to someone else. Out of the 10+ times he was given the option, he only chose to keep the money once. He was such a good sport and was very excited to help someone. After dinner and the charity project, the kids reenacted the nativity. Bauer got to be a wise man and what a cute little wise man he was! Such cute kids.

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