December 30, 2009


Our Christmas Eve party started, as always, with a delicious dinner and dessert. After dinner, we played Christmas Bingo and when someone got a Bingo, they got to pick a white elephant gift. It's always funny to see what people come up with. Bauer was one of the first to pick a gift and his was a walkman with a "Walking to the 80s" tape in it. When I got a Bingo, I chose to take Bauer's gift from him so he could pick a new gift. Well, Bauer didn't like that plan. He wanted to keep his present, dang it. You should have seen the dirty look he gave me. Silly boy. Santa came to visit after our game and even the adults sat on his lap this year. It was pretty funny to watch the adults feel like kids again. Before heading home to bed, Lorna gave the kids all a cute Temple decoration and some money.

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