January 26, 2010


Years ago, while Brian and I were dating, his family took a trip to New York where they spent a lot of time in China Town. Brian was obsessed with the silk suits and kept wanting to buy one but they were just too expensive. His family talks about that all the time and how funny it was to see him in that suit. Well, for his birthday, Suzzi and Heidi gave him one and after church on Sunday, Brian put the suit on to go up to their house (and to brunch at Grand America). We kept laughing about it and saying how awesome it was. Bauer said "It's not awesome. It's horrible." He was even more funny than the suit. "Daddy, take that off. That's horrible." Hey, at least he's honest, right.


Momberger said...

HE WORE IT?????????!!!!! NICE!!!!!!!!!!!

The Bliss Family said...

He's such a dork. ;) That Bauer sure is a funny little guy though!