February 17, 2010


Yesterday we were driving home from Costco and passed the miniature golf course at Mulligans. Bauer LOVES golf so of course he noticed. He told me that he thought it was a good time to go golfing at “the one with the dark house”. Mulligans has 2 courses: a Lighthouse and a Haunted House, which Bauer calls the “Dark House.” So we started talking about golf, and about the haunted house and he asked me why it was called a haunted house. I told him that it was because it was spooky. “But why?” So I explained that haunted meant that ghosts lived there and without skipping a beat, he said “but what about the Holy Ghost? He’s a nice ghost.”
“Yes he is. You’re right. What does the Holy Ghost do?”
“He helps us.” You could see his little mind working and then a couple of minutes later he said “I wish I could give him hugs every day.”

There is nothing like the sweet innocence of a child to put life into perspective.

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