April 26, 2010


Brian had surgery today. Don't worry...nothing like last time. He just had his wrist fixed. He was really not excited about this but it had to be done. We planned for and expected the worst because with Brian, that's usually how it goes but this time it actually went really well. They were afraid that they might have to cut his bone down to shorten it while they were in ther but they didn't. Thank goodness! So now he only has to wear a soft cast and only for a week. Then he will do physical therapy for 4 weeks or so and then he should be back to golfing and boating and doing anything else his little heart disires.

Bauer and I have just been hanging out in the waiting room. Luckily I have a computer here to help me pass the time. Bauer has a ton of stuff to keep him busy too. We packed him up a backpack full of books, treats, toys, stickers, ipods and all kinds of stuff. He has been such an angel. He hasn't complained even once. He has just played with his toys and written his letters and just been an angel.

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