November 1, 2010


Those who know me know that I LOVE Halloween. I always have. So October is always a fun month for me. Bauer and I wear Hallowen shirts and socks all month and we try to do lots of fun Halloween activities and since I'm a total slacker with the blog, you're getting it all at once. So here it goes:

We started our Halloween celebrations by picking out our pumpkins for Family Home Evening on the 4th. It was an icky, rainy day but as soon as we got to the pumpkin patch, it stopped raining and actually turned out to be pretty nice. And it was perfect because since it had been so icky, we were the only ones there. Sweet! We picked out 3 pumpkins to carve and then Bauer picked out a "baby pumpkin" that he loved.

Bauer had his first Halloween party with friends this year at our neighbor's house. He was so excited to go and had a blast there. They had dinner and played games and got tons of fun prizes. Look at all those cute kids!

The other two parties we had were with each of our families. On the 29th we had the anual pumpkin carving party at Rick's house. The kids wear their costumes to show and then we always have a yummy dinner before everyone carves their pumpkins. This year Bauer even created a full pumpkin completely on his own. See if you can guess which one it is.

Baby Kash came to the party too and Bauer was so excited. If you know Bauer, you know that he has always loved babies. He has such a tender heart and loves to take care of them so of course he is completely smitten by Kash.

Unfortunately I was not able to make it to the pumpkin carving party this year because it ended up being the same night that I had Thriller tickets. It has been a tradition for me, my mom, and my sisters to go every year. Now that Tessa and Ange have moved, it's just me, Mom, and Rae left but luckily we have Collin and Abby that like to go and Sam even came with us this year. We had a blast, as usual, and Sam painted Collin's and Abby's faces so they looked like the zombies.

Our last party was at my parent's house on Halloween. Every year the kids bring their costumes and we have a spooky dinner of worms in blood sauce (spaghetti), bones (breadsticks), and a spooky drink and then worms in dirt (gummy worms in chocolate pudding and oreos) for dessert. This year the kids disected owl pellets and found all kinds of cool mouse bones and they even had sheets that showed them what each bone was. Then my mom and I made little Oogie Boogie men that the kids got to fill with bugs.

We trick-or-treated on the 30th this year since Halloween was on Sunday and boy was it yucky weather! Just before we had planned on going out it started pooring rain but that didn't keep the kids from wanting to go. It died down before we started but the wind started blowing about half and hour in and made it pretty cold. The kids were all troopers though and we all had a lot of fun. Me, Brian, Chad, Amanda, Heidi, and Suzzi all went and took Bauer, Paislee, Morgan, Marki, and Gabbi. They were so cute! And we kept laughing because every time people would call Bauer Michael Jackson, Paislee would correct them and tell them that his name was Bauer.

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