June 2, 2011

NYC - Day 4

After hauling Bauer all over the place to see buildings and things I’m sure he had absolutely no interest in, we let him decide what we would do for the day. Of course he chose to go to Central Park. This time we went to a completely different part of the park and saw all new things, including an awesome playground. It’s amazing that we could wander around there for 4 hours one day and then go back just a couple of days later and walk for hours again, not seeing anything the same. Wow. I didn’t realize it was that big.

On this trip we took a quick detour to get a treat at some bakery Brian had heard about that was supposed to be awesome (which, by the way, only sold like 5 different things) and while we were walking there we thought “I wonder where the temple is. It’s gotta be somewhere close.” So we looked it up and lo and behold, it was right by us. We had some time to kill while we waited for our dinner reservation so we decided that now was as good of time as any to go check it out. I put the address into the navigation on my phone and we headed towards the temple but when the little blue dot showing our location was on top of the little red dot showing our destination, we looked all around trying to figure out where it was and couldn’t see it. We walked up and down the street, looking all around, figuring we had to be right by it and then finally Brian looked up and starting laughing. There was Angel Moroni. We were standing right in front of the temple and had probably passed it multiple times while we were trying to find it. We must have looked like the biggest idiots! It was so weird to see because there was the temple, just in with all the other buildings, right under our nose and we never saw it.

After taking a couple of pictures of the temple (I tried to keep the picture taking to a minimum so it didn’t annoy Brian and Bauer), I turned around to take a picture of another cool building and Bauer thought it was pretty funny to keep jumping in front of the camera so I couldn’t get a picture. Look at his cute little gremlin grin. He was so amused by himself. Oh that kid. He makes me smile!

At dinner that night, we had been seated in the back of the restaurant and they sat an older couple next to us that seemed very annoyed at us having Bauer there. Every peep he made was making us feel like we were disturbing them with their sideways glances and eye rolling. And we heard the lady tell the man about some book she had just downloaded that was called “Go the F*&^ to sleep” (of course using the whole word) and about how it was this cute, illustrated kids book but then the last line of each page was “Go the F--- to sleep.” And then a few minutes later, we looked over and Bauer was dead asleep on Brian’s shoulder. We laid him down on Brian’s lap and the lady turned to us and commented about how sweet that was and how Bauer had been so well behaved. We were absolutely shocked! This whole time we thought they were so mad at us and that they were these mean people and it turns out that not only were they not annoyed with Bauer but they actually thought he was cute. We ended up talking with them quite a bit and they were very nice people. Afterwards Brian and I both talked about how that was the perfect example of why you don’t judge people. Because even if you think you are sure you know they are horrible people, you may turn out to be wrong. And the lady even told us about the book she had been talking about before but substituted that horrible word with “F” for our benefit. Wow! What a wake-up call to me.

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The Bliss Family said...

He's such a cute boy. :) He looks so different. . .so big!