February 6, 2012


I made some cookies to take to the Super Bowl party yesterday (and by made, I mean I defrosted and then baked the cookie dough I bought for Collin's school fundraiser). When the cookies were all done I just took the hot pans and set them in the sink to cool down so I could wash them later. Well...later never came. So there they sat, in my sink until this morning when Bauer got done eating breakfast and went to put his bowl in the dishwasher. He said "Hey Mom, do ya mind if I wash these dishes?" I know...he's not a normal kid. We're not really sure where he came from. So of course I let him wash and he even hand dried each of them while he was there. And by that time, we had also added a cup, serving tray, and a couple of bowls. He cleaned 'em all. What a cute little stinker that boy is!

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Auntie Elaine said...

What a great big brother, helper, missionary he'll be! AWESOME!