April 22, 2012


Bauer has waited a long time for a little brother and he has absolutely been in heaven since Knox was born.  He loves to hold him and kiss him and ask how he's doing.  The day we came home from the hospital, Bauer and Suzzi had decorated our house outside, complete with two extremely large balloons.  Well, just after we pulled in, one of the balloons came loose and flew away.  Bauer was absolutely hysterical because Knox's eyes were closed when we took him out of the car and he didn't get a chance to see the balloon.  This is him bawling because Knox didn't get to see his balloon:

We got him calmed down a little by telling him that Knox saw it as we were pulling in to the driveway but he still wasn't really sure.  Suzzi offered to take him to buy a new one but he just wanted to stay with his brother. So he laid on the couch and we put Knox next to him and they just snuggled.  

Bauer has loved taking care of Knox and making sure he has everything he needs.  If Knox makes any kind of a peep, Bauer will run from wherever he is in the house to see what is wrong.  He will try to give him a binki or talk to him and try to calm him down and if he can't get him to stop crying, he will come find me:  "Mom, you need to feed him."

One of Bauer's favorite things to do is "observe" Knox.  His word.  Observe.  He will have me lay Knox on the ground and uncover his little hands and feet and Bauer will get his little notebook out and observe Knox and write down his findings.  So far he has written things like:  'His pinkie toe is further back than the others.'  and 'He has little dots on his hands.' (meaning the dimples in his little knuckles) and 'He is cute.'

He loves for me to take their pictures together too.  He will ask me all the time "don't you want a picture of this?"  Or if I am ever taking a picture of Knox, he will run over and stick his little head in so he can be in the picture with his brother.

And every night before Bauer goes to bed, he has to snuggle with his brother.

I sure do love these two sweet brothers.  What a blessing they both are in our lives!


Momberger said...

EVERY TIME! I need to stop reading your posts. Or start wearing waterproof mascara again. I cannot wait to meet my nephew. I miss you guys and I cant believe I haven't seen that little man yet. I love you!

Auntie Elaine said...

I love how you write and document such sweet, special brother moments. Children learn by example, so you guys are doing something VERY right for Bauer to be so loving and affectionate with you and his handsome little brother!! Hugs to all!