April 9, 2008


Bauer is our little sports nut. He loves anything with a ball. Everything he finds can become a golf ball and club. He loves to watch sports with his dad and cheer (or yell if Daddy does). He says "Go Ootah", "Go Cougars", "Go Jazz" when he watches basketball (or beek-a-ball if he is saying it). When soccer comes on he yells "Goal!". It is so funny. Well, for Easter he got a little basketball hoop with suction cups that you stick on a wall. It was probably his favorite present. He would say "wach-'is Mommy" and then go dunk the ball. Over and over and over. Now his favorite is "'e-shoots-'e-'cores" (aka he shoots, he scores). In fact, that's what he calls his hoop now...'e-shoots-'e-'cores.

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