April 9, 2008


Back in December Brian and I decided that we wanted to make our extra bedroom into a playroom for Bauer to clean up the mess of toys all over the house. We brainstormed a lot of ideas for a theme and finally decided to do Marvel Comics. Neither of us are into Marvel at all (or any kind of comics for that matter) but we thought Bauer would like it. So in December my cousin Stephen drew me some pictures of the characters. I had originally planned to pul 4 or 5 characters on one wall but when I projected Hulk on the wall, he took up half of it so we decided to just do him for now. Well, Hulk was finished (you can see the picture of him in my December posts) and then we just left the room and let Bauer play. He loved his Hulk. Well, I recently decided to get going on the other wall. Spidey and Wolverine fit perfectly on the wall with a magnet board in the middle so that is what I have been working on lately. Bauer loves to help. He would keep turning the projector off and saying "where Spidey go?" and put his hands up. Then he would turn the projector back on and say "there he is" and just grin from ear to ear and occasionally do a little dance. He was so excited to have Spidey on his wall.
In order for Spidey to fit, I had to put his head up at the top of the wall so I had to get a ladder to reach it. Bauer (being the monkey he is) found a great opportunity to climb. He would say "watch this trick Mommy" and then he would wrap his arms around one of the rungs on the back side of the ladder and swing. Sometimes he would swing back far enough to reach his feet back where he started but soemtimes he wouldn't so he would just fall. He hurt his back falling onto the bottom rung a couple of times but that sure didn't keep him from doing his trick.


Talbot Family said...

Wow, very cool. You did a great job with the painting. Bauer has got to be in little boy heaven. I have attempted a play room at our house, but it just ends up looking like New Orleans after Katrina hit. Aaagh, how can 1 child make such a mess. I think all children are gifted mess makers. I hope you have better success with the cleanliness of your super cool play room than I have had with mine.

Momberger said...

Sister, that is so cool! I cannot believe how creative and talented you are! Everything you try you end up being amazing at it! We sure do love you!

Sara and Family said...

pretty artistic! I'm barely brave enough to paint a solid color on one wall. so who does the photography business?