April 18, 2008


A little Mommy Moment I wanted to share. I picked Bauer up after work on Wednesday and as we were driving home he said "turn it off" talking about the radio. He likes to control the radio from the backset. He tells me to "turn it up" when Low Low comes on or "change it" when he doesn't want to listen to a song. So I turned the radio off like he asked me to. Then he said "talk t'you Mommy." And he did exactly that. He talked to me the whole way home. We talked about his day and if he was a good boy and when his birthday was and all sorts of stuf. It was the cutest thing in the world and it just melted my heart. I know that one day very soon he is going to want nothing to do with me but for now, if he wants to "talk t'you Mommy" I will talk all day.

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Sara and Family said...

makes any hard times all worth it right?