May 14, 2008


The last time I took Bauer to the zoo, we discovered that his favorite animal is the giraffe. Well, Grandma Williams took him again on Saturday and let him pick out a toy from the gift shop. He of course picked out a giraffe. So he has been walking around the house playing with his new toy and saying "ribbit." I keep telling him that a giraffe doesn't say "ribbit" but then he asks me what it does say and I don't have an answer. So now, at our house, giraffes say "ribbit."


The Bliss Family said...

What a cute little stinker!! What DOES a giraffe say? We have that same problem at our house...maybe I'll tell them "ribbit" too!

bstoutfamily said...

That is so cute! Seriously, what does a giraffe say?

lt_2456 said...

Hi Katie! This Is Lisa Taylor (Thurston) My sister found this and emailed the address to me. You are so cute. It made my heart smile to see you and read about your cute little family. I love ya.