June 1, 2008


On Saturday we had a party for Bauer's 2nd birthday. We had our families over for a barbeque and then we had a slip 'n' slide for the kids and Paislee let us borrow her bounce house. The kids all had a blast. Bauer wasn't feeling well though. He was just fine in the morning and then when he woke up from his nap he was acting grumpy. Right at the time the party was supposed to start, he started throwing up. The poor guy. He threw up through his whole party. It was so sad. He wasn't even feeling well enough to open his own presents. He just sat on my lap as I opened them. There was one present that he got up for though. His dad bought him a real set of golf clubs. The look on his face when I opened them up was the cutest thing in the world. He was so excited. He was spoiled by everyone. He got so many wondeful gifts. You can tell that he is very loved. Thank you everyone for coming to support him and for the wonderful gifts. We love you guys!


Sara and Family said...

poor guy! good thing kids are resilient :)

Tye said...

(Actually Sherri)
Bauer's birthday loot looks more like Santa Claus came! Ho-Ho-Ho. Can't think of anything worse for a 2 year old than being sick on your big day. Love your blog.

bstoutfamily said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to Bauer! Too bad he was so sick! Looks like it was a fun day...wow look at all those presents!! Hope he is feeling better!!