August 26, 2008


Those of you that shop at Kohls will know about the displays they have at the entrances with books and matching stuffed animals. Well, on Friday night we went with Chad & Amanda to Kohls and when Amanda saw the books that were on sale, she was very excited because these are famous books and $5 was a great deal. She said "you HAVE to buy these." So I grabbed one of each of the four books and we went on with the shopping. As we were walking through the store, I was looking at the books and they were all pretty much the same thing so I decided that we only needed one and I would put the other three back when we went to check out. Well, as we were finishing our shopping, Bauer asked to hold the books. So I handed them to him and warned him about being careful with them. We made it almost to the checkstand when his sweet, angelic voice says "I'm happy for my books Mommy." I look back and he has all of them hugged tight into his body and a huge grin on his face. Needless to say, we bought all four books. Seeing that little guy's face light up as we bought them and how excited he was just melted my heart. He had to cary the bag of them out to the car by himself and told us again on the way out how he was so happy for his books.