August 25, 2008


Today Bauer and I went to the petting zoo with Amanda, Paislee, Terah, Brookly, Breanna, Nate, and thier cousin Jake. We went over to Gardner Villiage and did the petting zoo and the kids rode the ponies. Bauer (as you can see in the picture) wasn't quite sure about riding the horses. I think he probably would have been just as happy (if not more so) to just look at the horses. He didn't cry or fuss or anything. He just kind of sat there and rode expressionless. He was pretty shy in the petting zoo too. He just kind of stood there. I thought it was pretty weird. But then I don't think he is feeling very well today so that may have been the problem.

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Momberger said...

He is just the cutest lil guy! That picture with him and his "pidamant" cup is super cute!