September 7, 2008


I thought it would be fun to document the way a child changes by writing down Bauer's favorites every year. I think back-to-school time is as good of time as any since we are so busy the month of his birthday so here it is - Bauer's favorites September 2008...
Toy: Tools
Friend: Paislee
Food: Chicken Nuggets
Color: Yellow (more that he likes to say it than that he likes the color itself)
Thing to Collect: Money
Activity: Swimming
Sport: Golf
Treat: Smiles
TV Show: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Movie: Lion King
Shoes: "flop-flops"
Clothes: Any Kind of Sports Jersey
Animal: Lion
Game: Hiding (mostly under a blanket)
Superhero: Hulk
Word: Because


jessica said...

Hey willie wacker its been a while since we have talked, anyway glad to see your out doing a little hunting and getting your hands dirty for once!!! By the way this is the guy that you broke his arm about 8 years ago. looks like you are doing good and hope to hear from ya....Trav

Roden Family said...

Hi my's been such a long time. Bauer is adorable! It is so much fun to see how great everyone is doing! Just so you know, I was tagged on my blog, so I tagged you. If you would like you can do the tagging thing, if not, no worries! Talks to you later:)

The Ulrich Family said...

Oh my gosh, your cute little Bauer is DARLING! Random question, do you have your toes painted orange and black yet? I know you LOVE Halloween!
Love ya,