November 11, 2008


Okay, so I guess there used to be a place in SouthTowne mall called Dig It or something like that where kids could go and dig up dinosaur bones. Well, Amanda and I wanted to take the kids there. So we went to Olive Garden for lunch and then headed over to the mall only to find out that Dig It was no longer there. But there was a little playground called Dino Towne so we let the kids play. We had a couple of breakdowns but the kids had lots of fun. After playing for a little while we went upstairs and rode the Merry-Go-Round. They both absolutely loved it! They were so cute.

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Momberger said...

I just love that lil boy! That looks like so much fun! Isn't that the way it happens? You plan something and it is either closed, broken, or not there. Story of my life. Do you know what is still there though.... DISNEYLAND!