December 30, 2008


Bauer is my little organizer. He has always liked things clean and organized. Before he goes to bed or leaves the house, he has to make sure his toys are cleaned up. He loves to walk around the house and help me clean things and he loves to line things up and/or stack them. He has about 30 golf balls that he will get out to play with and he will put them in a big line across the room. If he has toys in his hands when he goes to the bathroom, he can't just set them on the floor - he has to line them up. He has a nativity set that he loves. I keep setting it up with Joseph, Marry, and Jesus in the stable and the shepherd, wisemen, and animals outside, looking in. But then Bauer will go in to play with it and it always ends up with everyone in a line along his dresser. When he opened his Christmas presents, he would tear off a piece of paper, wad it up, and bring it over to throw away. Then he would got back and tear off another piece and do the same thing. It was taking so long that we had to tell him that he couldn't throw it away until he had opened the whole present. So guess what he did…he tore off a piece and set it neatly next to him, then tore off another and sat it on top of the last and so on until the present was opened and he had a neat little pile of wrapping paper next to him. When he makes a line or or stacks things up he tells me "look at my 'mazing." He gets so excited. It's so cute. So I started taking pictures of things he lines up. Here are just a couple from the last few days. What a nut!


The Ulrich Family said...

Katie...this post is awesome. I'm afraid my kids don't have that problem! (Since you lived with me...I'm sure you can imagine!) I am better than I was though! I love reading your blog. It's so fun to stay connected.
Love ya,

sweet nectar sara said...

i love the pictures :)

Momberger said...

Mr Clean gets rid of dirt and grease and grime in just a minute, Mr Clean is stronger longer cause there's ultra power in it, Mr Clean!