December 27, 2008


Well, another Christmas has come and gone. Just like that it is over. I can't believe how quickly it came. But we had a wonderful Christmas! On Christmas Eve we went to Brian's parents' house for our annual Christmas Eve party. We had yummy Café Rio food for dinner, played games, the kids all got a stuffed animal with a blanket inside, and Santa came to visit. On Christmas morning we opened our presents from each other and from Santa. Bauer was so strange. He opened a couple of his presents and then wanted to just play with them so he refused to open more. He said "you open them, Mom." We let him play for a minute but we didn't have a whole lot of time since we were leaving for a party so we had to force him to open the rest. I would mostly open it and then hand it to him and make him tear the rest of the paper off. And then we would tell him that we wouldn't take that one out of the box unless he opened another one. He was really excited about the remote control dinosaur that he got but the thing he was most excited about is that Santa left his stocking for him. When Bauer was looking at what was in it, I said something about it being his stocking and he said "no Mom. It's not mine. This is Santa's stocking. He left it." Anytime someone would ask him what Santa brought he would tell them a stocking. Kids are so funny. After we opened our presents and got ready, we headed to my parents' house for their party. We had a wonderful breakfast, opened presents, and then the kids played with their toys and watched a movie while the adults played Guitar Hero Band. Bauer was even worse with the presents this time. It took us probably an hour to convince him to open his last couple of presents. He just wanted to play with the princess bike that his cousin got. I have never seen a kid absolutely refuse to open presents before. It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. I know that he just wanted to play with his stuff but it was just so weird. After the party we went home to shovel snow. We had so much snow at our house that Jared (Brian's brother that is a heavy equipment salesman) went and got a front-loader (I think that's what they called it) to plow. He did his house, our house, and his sister's house. Not to mention our circle and I am sure a bunch of other places. Next we had a party at Brian's cousin's house where we had a really good prime rib dinner, after which we went to Brian's parents' house to exchange gifts with his family. This time Bauer was really good about opening his presents. He needed a little encouragement and we had to hide a couple of things but he really did well with opening them all. So our day was packed with tons of fun parties and WAY too many presents. Bauer is so spoiled! I can't believe how much stuff he got this year. Who needs Santa when you have family like ours! So thank you to everyone. Christmas was awesome.

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