December 1, 2008


I am happy to announce that Bauer didn't have a single accident the whole time we were there...until the last night. We went to the ocean to see the sunset and it was really cold. But anyone who knows Bauer knows that he is going to get in the water no matter how cold it is. Mind you...none of the adults got in except Angela and all of the kids had gotten in and then right back out and were all bundled up in sweats and towels and such. So anyways, Bauer got his swimsuit on and played in the water until we dragged him out. We went over and showered him and got him dressed and then while we were helping everyone else get dressed, Bauer came over and told me that he had peed in his pants. I was so mad! How do you make it an entire vacation in Disneyland without having an accident and then the last night there, you pee in your pants at the beach, standing 10 feet away from a bathroom!? Anyways, I had an extra pair of shorts so we changed him and then headed back to the hotel. We stopped at In 'N Out to get some dinner and when I went to get Bauer out of the car I realized that he was soaked. He had peed in his pants again! So we get our food to go and head to the hotel. We get there and I take him straight up to the bathtub to clean him off. He takes his clothes off and then tells me he needs to pee. So he goes over and pulls the toilet seat up and then says that he needs to poop so he puts the seat down and then he just starts peeing all over the floor. So now we have gone 10 days on vacation without an accident and then have 3 within half an hour of eachother. What!? So we are thinking that the cold water may have done something and that is why he had those accidents. Let's hope that's the reason so we don't have to start over with the potty-training.

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