December 7, 2008


Well, we have officially started Christmas. We had our first Christmas party yesterday with Brian's family. It was Brian's immediate family, Jared's girlfriend and her two kids, and two of Brian's cousins. Each kid was assigned two adults to go shopping with and given $60 to buy a sub-for-Santa gift. They drew names for a family in Heber. Brian and I had Marki with us and she drew a 2-year-old little girl. I was so glad. I don't think there is anyone easier to buy for than a 2-year-old girl. Anyways, we all headed out to shop and then met at Cafe Rio for some lunch. It ended up being kind of an early dinner though because we didn't make there until after 4:00. After lunch, we went back to Gayle and Lorna's house and all of the kids showed everyone else what they had bought and then wrapped the presents. Next, Lorna brought out a name tag for each of the kids and had them set it out somewhere in the room and then go hide while she set out presents for each of them. You can see from the pictures that they got spoiled! Bauer and Bodey each got 4 CAT toys that move and talk and drive, Marki got one CAT toy, an iTunes card, an iPod sleeve, and some gloves, Aspen got an iPod, iPod sleeve, iTunes card, headphones, and gloves, and Morgan got a iPod sleeve, an iTunes card, gloves, and some little guy that you can program to repeat back what you say. They are all so spoiled! And they were all very excited. They played with their toys for a while and then we all went to Leatherby's to get some ice cream. It was a great party. Thanks Gayle and Lorna for everything!

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Momberger said...

That is a cute idea! That lil Bauer... I tell ya! Cute lil thing.