January 22, 2009


Happy Birthday! to the greatest guy in the world. We love you Brian! We are so lucky to have you. Thanks for being such a wonderful father and husband. We truly couldn't ask for anything more.


Streeters said...

Geez Brian...You got her FOOLED!!! Happy Birthday

Justin said...

Hey Brian, I still owe you a lunch in a roving restaurant!

jessica said...

Hey man, haven't had the chance to comment back to ya. I picked up a big project in a town related to your rivals,(rexburg that is, the other gay byu school, at least they don't have sports anymore). So I haven't really had the chance to play around on the computer. Happy Birthday you old fart! Hope it was a good one! Anyway, Dundee keep in touch.

Davey said...

Happy Birthday brian.
you just keep getting better and better looking.