January 17, 2009


I took some pictures today of Paislee and her cousins. Bauer was downstairs with us while we were doing them and I think he was a little confused because usually when we do pictures of Paislee, we do pictures of him too. After everyone had left, he asked if I would take his picture. Now, it's no secret that I will jump at any opportunity to take pictures of Bauer so I was thrilled that he wanted to have his picture taken. I didn't want to ruin it so I left him in what he was wearing and we went right downstairs to take his picture. He only wanted to sit on his rocking horse so I tried to just get some pictures of just his cute face. Of course after a couple of pictures he realized that something was missing so I had to go upstairs and get his cowboy hat for him. Now he was a real cowboy with his hat and his horse. He would ask to see the picture after each one and then he would have me pose the same way and he would take a picture of me with his camera. Cute little stinker. Anyways, I didn't force the pictures and we were just kind of playing so I didn't get a whole lot but I did get a couple of cute ones. I love you Bauer, you cute little cowboy!

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Momberger said...

Sister he looks so big in these pictures. He is getting to be a big cowboy!