March 5, 2009


Grandpa and Grandma Williams babysat Bauer today and they went to Park City and bought him a really cool snow outfit. Well, it snowed last night so what better time to try it out right!? Bauer got himself dressed and wanted to go out and play in the snow. Well, March snow in Utah is a special kind of snow. It doesn't last very long. So there wasn't much left to play in but Bauer didn't mind. He had the time of his life out there. He would step on the snow and say "look, a foot handprint. Oh, a footprint." Then he would step again and admire his next awesome footprint. After playing for a while he decided that it would be fun to eat the snow. "Mmm...Tastes like chicken" he says. What!? What 2-year-old says that? So anyways, he laughed and played and had himself a grand old time in the last couple small patches of snow that we had left in the yard. What a cute little stinker!


Momberger said...

I tell you what sister, there is not a cuter Mom than you. I just think you are amazing. I love you

Shaylan and Traci said...

Too funny! Wyatt thinks that all snow is wonderful. I love that children are so easily entertained.