March 15, 2009


Last night we went to Jungle Jims with Chad, Amanda, and Paislee. We had never been so we weren't sure what to expect. Bauer absolutely loved it! He and Paislee were so stinkin' cute. They just laughed and giggled at all the rides. The bumper cars had a sign saying that they were closed but just before we left, one of the workers opened them up. We weren't sure if the kids could handle driving by themselves but the cars were just too small to ride with the kids so we sent them out on their own. They didn't do very well but that was the highlight of the night. Even the worker was cracking up at how cute they were. Bauer spent most of his time driving around in circles and then when someone would run into him he would crack up. It was so cute!!!

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David and Charlie said...

Hey Katie long time no see!!! HOw have you been?? So I was looking at all of your beautiful pictures.. and I was wondering.. do you do weddings? I am hoping to be getting married next year and want to start shopping around for whenever it happens lol :) It is good to see that you are doing so good!! I hope to talk to you soon. If you wanna email me about it my email in