March 23, 2009


I hate snow. Anyone that knows me knows that I am ALWAYS cold and I hate it. So of course I hate the snow. Bauer loves it. He gets so excited every time it snows. He loves to have it hit his face, he loves to eat it, he loves to make footprints in it - he loves everything about it. When it first started to get cold last winter I went out and bought him snow pants, boots, and a couple of sleds so we could take him sledding for his first time. Well, the winter was so bitter cold that we never ended up taking him. But as we all know, Spring in Utah is quite interesting. It was over 70 degrees on Friday and then it snowed all day today. As soon as Bauer saw the snow he started asking if he could go out and play in it. So I finally gave in and took him sledding for his first time. He was so cute. We got his nice warm clothes on and headed to a little gully in our neighborhood where he sledded for his first time. He thought it was pretty cool. But as much as he liked sledding, he liked just running around in the snow or rolling down the hill in it. He was so funny. When he was done playing in the gully (about an hour later), he asked to go home but he wanted to play in the snow in our yard. I warned him as he took his snow gloves off that his hands would freeze but of course he didn't believe me. He was out there for about 5 minutes before he asked to come in because he was cold. So we went in and took a nice, warm bath. It was great. And even though I hate cold and snow, I had a ton of fun seeing the cute smile on his face and laughing at him fall off his sled and roll the rest of the way down the hill. What a cute little stinker!

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