March 23, 2009


On Friday Bauer and I were at my parents's house and my mom had some Peeps on the counter. She gave some to Bauer and he loved them so of course as we left, she gave him a baggie full of them to take home. Driving home I could hear him in the backseat: "Mmmm...I love Peeps. Kai loves Peeps." (Kai is what he calls my mom) He kept talking about how yummy they were. Then I heard him change his voice and say "I can't say cheep cheep because Bauer ate me." I looked back to see him holding a half-eaten peep, looking at it as if it were talking to him. What a nut!


Momberger said...

Sister, I just laughed out loud at work! That is so funny, and so Bauer. I love that lil fella. thanks again for coming to the game with us last night. We had fun.

Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...

Seriously the funniest. I laughed out loud. He totally is YOU!!!