May 3, 2009


I am now a master electrician. Okay, so I'm not but I did learn how to run electricity in my basement. My awesome dad taught me this weekend. My dad is so great! He can do everything. So here's the story: our basement is unfinished but I have my photography equipment set up down there. Well, we only have one outlet and one light switch for the entire basement. So in order to plug in my lighting and a heater, I had extension chords running all over the place. Plus, there wasn't even a light in the room where I was taking pictures so that caused problems with pictures turning out well. My sweet dad offered to help me put electricity in so I could use my "studio" without so many issues. He and my mom came over Friday night to start the job. My dad and I went downstairs and planned out what we wanted to do while my mom stayed upstairs and watched Bauer. We spent about 3 hours planning and shopping for supplies. Then they came back Saturday morning at 9:00 and we worked until about 4:30. We weren't quite finished but we wanted to take a break to go see Monsters Vs. Aliens. After the movie we went back for a few more supplies and then went home to finish the job. We finished at about 9:30. We put in a new circuit for the room and added two lights (each with their own dimming light switch) and four outlets. My dad showed my how to do everything and I even wired all four outlets all by myself. This picture is us in our "masks" and gloves so we didn't breathe in the insulation when we put it back into the walls. It was pretty exciting to see the final product. I am so excited to have lights and outlets. Thank you so much Mom and Dad for spending your entire weekend at my house helping me. I really have the best parents in the world!


Momberger said...

Wow... I'm so upset that I was busy and couldn't come over that weekend. Nuts!

Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...

Wow, Kate!!! Not only does your dad provide you with the "Trent Bliss Scholarship" but now he has provided you with excellent training as an electrician! :) I'm so impressed! Also, I had to laugh when you said you took a break for "Monsters vs Aliens." Now, I only wish I was around for your movie quotes! I miss you!