May 12, 2009


Mother's Day is always wonderful for me. Brian always makes sure that it is special and this year was no exception. On Saturday my sweet Bauer gave me some beautiful Roses. His Aunt Suzzi had taken him to pick out some flowers for me the day before when she was babysitting him. She said he picked them out by himself. Cute boy! Then on Sunday morning Brian gave me my gift. I got a new camera - kind of. Okay so I have my nice, big camera that I love but you don't always want to carry something that big around. Well, my small camera is not so awesome so I got a new one. But I didn't really get it yet because it hasn't been released. It is supposed to be released in May though so we should be able to get it before our trip to Costa Rica. Bauer also gave me a cute card with some money in it. The card said to use the money to take care of the hands that take care of him. How sweet! In the morning we went to the Little America brunch with Brian's family. When we got home we were exhausted (that's a story for another post) so we all laid down for a nap. Brian woke up in time for church but he left Bauer and me to sleep and came to pick us up for Sacrament Meeting. I know it's bad to be skipping church but it felt so nice to get some rest. Bauer went in to see his nursery teachers before Sacrament and they made such a cute card for me with Bauer's little hand print on it. I love it! After church we went out to my parents' house for dinner and some games. It was a great Mother's Day and I was so grateful for Brian and Bauer and how sweet they both were and how hard they worked to make my day wonderful.

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Momberger said...

I'm not qute sure why but I BAWLED the entire time I read that post. Kate, I think you are the most amazing person and you deserve the best. You are so sweet with Bauer and just selfless. I love you!