June 2, 2009


So I saw this quote on a friend's blog and I love it. When you have kids, you want nothing more than to make them happy every second of every day. You will do anything you can to make that happen. But it is hard to remember sometimes that what might satisfy them for the moment isn't what truly makes them HAPPY. Getting their way all the time or buying them whatever they want at the store whenever they ask might stop them from complaining but it teaches them a bad lesson that will cause problems later in life. And nothing makes up for spending time with your children and having love in your home.

"Oh, parents, we would plead, give good and happy memories to your children-- not pampering or overindulging, not satisfying everything they take fancy to -- but memories of love, encouragement, of peace and harmony and happiness at home -- memories that will bless and lift their lives wherever they are, always and forever."
-Elder L. Tom Perry

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Momberger said...

That's a good quote sister. You will have to remind me of that in like 5 years when I finally have kids!