June 4, 2009


Today Bauer went to the dentist for his first time. He wasn't quite sure if he wanted to go or not but we convinced him that it would be good. He was such a good boy! He sat with the hygenist first and had his teeth cleaned.

She was so cute with him. She showed him how everything worked and explained exactly what she was doing. After he was all clean, the dentist came over to check him out.

He looked at his teeth and told us that they look perfect. They were very impressed at how well Bauer did. He sat still and let them do everything they needed. After he was done, they let him pick a toy to take home.


Mandy said...

What's your dentist's name? He looks alot like the dentist that I had-Dr. Rudelich (sp?). He was always really good, but I hate the dentist. I'm very impressed with Bauer!! :)

Momberger said...

THATS MY BOY!!!!!!!!