June 7, 2009


Last Friday we started off our summer vacation with a trip to St. George with Brian's friend Scott and his family. The trip was really for golf but us wives and kids had a great time too. Brian headed down Friday morning with Scotty to golf a round before everyone else got there and then Bauer and I headed down together after I got off work. Bauer was awesome! He chatted and sang with me for about the first hour and a half and then slept the rest of the way. We drove straight down without any stops and got there in about 4 hours. Scott's brother Andy and his wife Jenae have two little kids: Will, who is 4, and Sienna, who is 2. Bauer loved having them to play with. They had such a great time together. And they even had a sleepover together. We all rented a house together and there were enough rooms that Bauer, Will, and Sienna got a room to themselves. They slept in there Friday night but of course they didn't want to actually sleep. They sat in there and chatted for hours until Andy had to finally go sleep on the floor to keep them from talking. The next day was Bauer's birthday. As soon as the kids got up, Will ran into his parents' bedroom and grabbed a present that they had brought for Bauer. It was so cute. He was so excited to give it to him. They bought him some cool Dinosaur cars that the kids loved to play with. I have to say though, the favorite toy in the house was the pool table. The three of them stood around the table and pushed the balls into the pockets for hours and hours. We did tons of fun stuff though. We went swimming, watched movies, played board games, jumped on the tramp, went out to dinner, and had birthday cake. Everyone had a great time. What a fun trip.

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I just love that lil guy!