June 6, 2009


Today my sweet Bauer turns 3. I can't believe how quickly it has gone. I know every parent says that but it is so true. They grow up so quickly. Bauer has been such a blessing to us. He is such a wonderful little boy and always has been. When Bauer was a newborn we used to joke that he didn't even know how to cry. When he was hungry he would just kind of grunt to let us know. He ate well, he slept well, he would let anyone hold him, and was just an all around good kid. And he still is. Don't get me wrong - he is a kid and he has his issues like any kid does. But we are so grateful for him and the sweet boy he is. We love you Bauer! Happy birthday my sweetheart!

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Momberger said...

Happy birthday my sweet lil fella! We love you!