July 4, 2009


I love holidays. Especially when I get a day off work. Only working 2 days a week is sweet! And we made the best of our long weekend. On Thursday night Collin came to sleep over at our house and we went to dinner and then miniature golfing. The boys were so excited. Collin just kept telling us how awesome Boondocks was.
On Friday, Brian went golfing and Bauer and I went shopping, played at my mom's house, walked to the park to play, ran through the sprinklers, and played with toys.
That night we went to Gayle and Lorna's for dinner and then hung out. Saturday morning, me, Brian, Gayle, and Lorna went golfing and Bauer went to play at my mom's house. After golf we went home and the boys napped while I played with pictures. I was fixing pictures from my cousin Emily's wedding and it was nice to have some alone time to get it done. That night we went back to Gayle & Lorna's for dinner. We took some pop-its for Bauer to play with and when Suzzi saw him having so much fun with them, she decided that we needed some fireworks for the night. Suzzi and her two friends each have mopeds that live at Suzzi's house so Suzzi took hers with Bauer on it and Brian and I each borrowed one of the friends' and we drove down to the Wal-Mart parking lot fireworks stand. After dinner we played cards and then did fireworks. Notice the pictures of Suzzi on her moped during the fireworks. In the middle of the display, she came riding out with a sparkler torch attached to her helmet and rode up and down the road with it lit. It was pretty dang funny.
After the fireworks we had Red Mango and then went home. Then, to finish off our weekend, we went to Gayle and Lorna's for Sunday dinner. Yum. What a fun Holiday weekend.

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Momberger said...

That WAS eventful! Sounds super fun. Kiss that lil fella for me!