July 12, 2009


I have some very sad news. My brother accepted a new position in North Carolina and he and his family will be moving on the 26th. I am excited for them and their new adventure but I am so bummed that they are leaving. We are going to miss them all so much. So anyways, my mom has wanted a new family picture for a long time so since Ben and Tessa are moving, we needed to hurry and do it. So here are a couple of the pictures:

The Grandkids

Grandpa & Kai (aka Grandma)

Bliss Family

Williams Family

Rae & Collin

Matt & Angela

The Siblings

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Bryan, Jaime, and Boys said...

Cute Fam, Kate! I swear there was a time when you and all your sisters were blonde?!!! You guys all look so pretty! I hope your fam is doing well! It has been fun to run into you guys occasionally! We should really get together and actually do something!