July 28, 2009


Bauer has always been our little fishy. He has always loved the water and has never been afraid of it. He loves to jump in, whether someone is watching him or not. With him being so fearless, we knew we needed to get him into lessons so he could learn how to get himself back out of the water once he jumped back in. Monday was his first lesson and it didn't quite go as well as we had expected. About five minutes into the lesson, he got out of the pool, went over to Brian and said "I changed my mind. I don't want to do swimming lessons." We sent him back to the pool and he did well but he was very hesitant. You see...the poor boy is a little like his mom. He is very shy when he meets new people and takes a little while to warm up and be comfortable. And the other bad trait he got from me - he doesn't like water in his face. He refused to put his face under water when they were practicing holding their breath and when the kids were all playing in the pool and they were splashing, he wasn't so happy about it and just kept wiping his face over and over. Luckily Bauer had some support. Marki (Bauer's second-cousin) came to take the class with him and by a crazy coincidence, his friend Paislee ended up being in the same class.


Janelle Bartlome said...

Ya, that face in the water thing is hard.

In my kid's lessons they ask the parents to leave the area so the kids don't go running to them.

It was my oldest child who screamed for 3 days during lessons because of the face thing. But he has loved it ever since.

Momberger said...

I love that lil man. He is so dang cute and just seeing him makes me happy.