August 6, 2009


Condensed version of our life for the last week: At about 5:30 Sunday morning, Brian woke up with a lot of pain and told me that he needed to go throw up (he has had kidney stones for a couple of months and has had horrible stomach pain with it). He took a couple of steps, opened the door, and then just collapsed. Long story short, we took an ambulance to Logan Regional Hospital where they found out that he was bleeding internally. He has an extremely large ulcer in his duodenim (the top of his small intestine) which has exposed an artery. When the doctor tried to cauterize it, the artery exploded and blood spewed everywhere. He finally was able to put some clasps in to stop the bleeding and he got Brian stable. We were moved to the ICU for them to watch him until late Monday night when we moved to the medical floor. On Wednesday morning he started throwing up blood so they brought us back to ICU and went back in to stop the bleeding again. He will stay in the ICU until we are released, which won't be until at least Sunday or Monday. They want to be sure that he won't start bleeding again before they let us go. I want to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. We have such wonderful family and friends that have been a wonderful support system.

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Bunk & Dizz & Moe said...

oh katie, that is so scary. We will be praying for you guys, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask!!!